Region of Activities

Region of Activities.

Kyparissia is a beautiful seaside town of 5000 inhabitants in South-western Peloponnese. It belongs in the prefecture of Messinia which has Kalamata as capital.


It consists of the 'Upper Town', which is the traditional old part of the town and the 'Lower Town', the modern one, which reaches up to the seaside. The 'Upper Town' is built on the hill with nice small buildings, roofs with tiles, cobbled streets, covered verandas. It offers a fantastic view to the open sea and the 'Lower Town'. On the top of the hill there is a castle, which was built during the Venetian domination.

The region of Kyparissia is rich in olive groves and all types of cultures, and there are beautiful, clean and long beaches very close to the town.

The visitor will have the opportunity to visit Ancient Olympia, Pylos, the temple of Epikourios Apollon, which is included in the list of the world heritage monuments of UNESCO, Ancient Ithomi, and the gorge of river Neda.

The region of Kyparissia is 250km away from Athens, 150km from Patras, where there is a port connected with Italy by fast ferry boats and 60km from Kalamata, where there is an airport.
The climate of the region is exceptional. The winter is mild, without extreme conditions of cold and intensive rainfalls and with nice average temperatures. In summer, sea breezes help to keep the temperature at a pleasant level.

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